Financial Instruments

Financial Instruments

UK Global Associates are gear in assisting you to reach your economic goals, as your success is our success. We incorporate Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC) Bank Guarantee (BG) Private Placement Programs (PPP) Small Caps Program (SCP) Long Term Notes (LTN) Mid Term Notes (MTN). 

Block Funds Program (BFP) Heritage Funds Program (HFP) Deposit Refund Protection Program (DRP) Monetization, Offshore Bank Account.

Openings, Leasing and Selling Financial Instruments, Project Funding. 

Recourse and Non Recourse Loan, and more...

Our collective partners have over 35 years experience in this field we are Certified, Approved Consultants, expertise and efficiency in the industry working with top 25 Banks worldwide.

Our finance house consists of seasoned Bankers, Dealmakers, Commodities Traders and Solicitors.

Please note: we are direct to the finance house and NOT in a chain of brokers will only engage with end user of our instruments and services.

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